My name is Marissa Waldrop and I’m a Creator and Trainer at Marissa’s Thread based in Utah. By day, you can find me training women to create power within themselves, designing my next big idea, or chasing my 4 rambunctious boys. By night, I’m typically sewing anything my mind can create or cuddled up next to my hubby watching the next good show.

Thread: 1: a long thin strand of cotton, nylon or other fibers used in sewing or weaving. 2: a sequence of thought or action.

Marissa’s Thread is a place for women to learn and expand her mind, see her creative journey, enjoy the process as she weaves inward, outward, and upward to expand the life she has for the life she wants.

We love to empower women and girls to see their great worth. To many times women and girls have been told ‘you are less, what you have has no value;’ to sit down and be quiet because we are female. But this is all false, Marissa’s Thread was created in part to show women and girls everywhere that they can, that they matter and they have worth.

We are creative beings and as such need to express that drive that is inside us regularly. Marissa’s Thread is a place for creative expression as you learn to expand, because without creation there is no expansion.

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