Beautiful nature scene with blooming tree and sun flareI’ve been quietly contemplating lately over new life. I think the beginning of spring all of us think about it in some way, most of us are at least excited to see the spring flowers and the melting snow. Our family bought some new baby chicks last week. As I’ve looked after them I realized how much they rely on me and my family to care for them, we provide them a warm home, nesting material, food and water, everything they need to flourish. God or your higher power does this for us; He gave us everything we need to flourish, but sometimes we don’t see that. ¬†Sometimes we are looking down and all we see is the mud that we have to walk through, and we complain.

This week I have made a choice to look up, notice everything around me and everything I have and then to feel and be truly grateful for all of it. Life can be trying, and tedious and mundane and crazy at times and its in those times that we have a most important choice. We can choose to let it all get to us and drag us down farther into the muck and mud, or we can choose to look up and see all the new life and beauty that is our life and focus on that. I promise choosing the second will make a huge difference in your happiness level everyday, I know because it did for me.