Lets be real and honest here for a minute. I need to tell you all something, life can be hard. A year and a half ago I was down right sad and unhappy with my life. It wasn’t that I had a horrible life, anyone looking at it would think I had every reason to be happy, but I wasn’t. Do you want to know why?
I was unhappy and borderline depressed because I was not living my truth. I was settling for something, someone that I was not. I was letting everything that was going on in my life control me and who I was instead of taking charge of my own future.
That’s when I had a wake up call. I was asked to lead a group of women in my church, that was the beginning. I realized that if I stayed in my unhappy sad state I could never lead anyone or encourage them to do anything that I wasn’t willing to do and had done my self. I started doing everything I knew of at the time to change my direction, and I am happy to say that the decision I made that day over a year ago has made a huge difference and changed my whole life for the better. Do you want to know what that choice was?

I chose to invest in myself, because I knew deep deep down that I was worth investing in. I took time for me, I did things for me that I knew I needed, and in return I was able to give more of myself to the people that I loved the most.
If you can relate to my experience, this is your wake up call. Make the choice to invest time in your self. Begin to rediscover who you are.