Let me share an experience with you that may seem familiar to you. You are going about your life, things are going well and you are happy and then slowly things start to slide. Pretty soon you want to sleep more that before you don’t want to be seen much you are not always happy but maybe just “okay” most days. you feel lost and like you don’t have or don’t want to work towards goals you have. You are in a SLUMP FUNK. You don’t really remember how you go here and you are having a hard time getting yourself out. What do you do?

Here are 3 things I do to get myself out of a slump funk.


I do declarations and say power statements. What are declarations you ask? They are positive statements about yourself that you want to be true. For example you may not feel outgoing but you want to be so you would say “I am outgoing in every way, every day!” as a declaration. I don’ t just say them I will go in front of a mirror as I say declarations. Your mind likes to talk to its self and hear its own voice, so saying declarations out loud where you can see yourself talking to yourself makes a big difference. I know it can seem a bit weird but it can totally work.

Sorry for the bit of swearing in this clip but please watch it.


A power statement is like declarations on steroids. It’s one statement packed full of power words that you want to be. An example would be something like this:

“I am an enthusiastic leader who is outgoing, confident, honest, joyful and full of light.”

Every word that is italicized is a power word. If you only have time for one statement then get a power statement! Say it in the mirror, when you are nervous, down or struggling in any way and it will boost you up.


The second thing that I do to get out of a slump funk is listen to positive music. This is not just music I like but it also had a positive message as well. I also listen to uplifting songs that have no lyrics. Music is powerful, it excites and awakens our minds. I would much rather have a positive message waking up my mind then a negative one. Here are some of my favorites for when I’m having a hard day.






The third thing I will do when I’m having a slump funk is look back at my past achievements. I have a ‘Celebration Book’ that I put pictures and notes in of my achievements. When I look back at them I remember how hard I worked to get those goals and that I can do hard things. It helps me realize what I’m actually capable of and get back in that movement mindset to go after my dreams, it helps me feel unstoppable!

I hope you have some awesome stuff you do to get out of a slump funk but if you don’t or they don’t work, then try these.