What is a Drum sac?

A drum sac is a bag to hold your drum, or anything else, but it is so much more than that! It sends a message about you and your energy. 

Drums have been used for millenia, to call out to others, to heal, to send a message, to be the voice of our beating heart.

What you place your drum in matters too. Just like the drum, a drum sac can send a message to those around you. Your message is unique. Your drum is unique; your drum sac should be too.

Each drum sac made by Marissa’s Thread is one of a kind. They will all hold a 16in diameter drum but some will hold 18in diameter drums. Sizes are listed under each.

A beautiful marbled grey on the outside gives off a calm but solid energy. A respector of boundaries, grey gives off a peaceful presence. It offers an unmatched level of serenity and can turn energy into stillness. The peekaboo cows show off your fun side. While at first glance you may have an introverted energy, you still love to have fun!

Measurments 16″w, 18″h, 4″d. It can hold a 16in diameter drum. 

Peekaboo Cow Drum sac $65

Chillin’ at the beach, or in the shade on a hot summer day is a favorite past time. Relaxed and fun loving is your jam. You tend to put people at ease when they are around you.  You are fun and easy to get along with, people are drawn to your presence.

Measurments 18″w, 18″h, 4″d. It can hold an 18in diameter drum.

I’m Just Chillin’ Drum Sac $65

Fresh, fun, and a little flamboyant the flamingo reminds us of your social nature. Flaminga-go-go is for a high energy individual. Playful and charming, pink also brings a sense of harmony and openness. Green brings the energy of vitality and a fresh perspective. Together we are reminded that a fun an natural balance is what you are all about.

 Measurements 16″w, 18″h, 4″d.  It can hold a 16in diameter drum. 

Flaminga-go-go Drum Sac $65


Grounded in truth but actively going after the big dream, the Dream Catchin’ Drum sac is for the person who sees the possibilities and understands there is an amount of action that must happen to achieve that dream. The flowers remind us to be in balance with nature, the feathers to let life be in flow, and the blue to trust the foundation we have built to carry us forward.

Measurements 19″w, 18″h, 4″d. It can hold an 18″ diameter drum.

Dream Catchin’ Drum Sac $65

Tribal Sea is the perfect combination of the sea and the sky with you as the island in between. Tranquil on the surface but a firey passion for life ripples up from the depths of who you are. You have a nurturing nature and love of including others and growing together as a tribe.


Measurements 16″w, 18″h, 4″d. It will fit a 16″ diameter drum.

Tribal Sea Drum Sac $65

Aztec Dreams gives off the sense that you are grounded and you look for your tribe where ever you go. The person who has this bag draws people to them with their calm welcoming nature. You don’t take no for an anwser because you know there is a way to solve any problem you find yourself facing. Aztec dreams applifies the quiet confidence of the wearer.

Measurements 18″w, 18″h, 4″d. It will fit an 18″ diameter drum.

Aztec Dreams Drum Sac $65

The Be the force Sac is for the avid Star Wars fan and isn’t afraid to show it. You believe in a greater force then the every day; that greatness is possible. You hold true to the roots of your past but you love what the future holds as well. You understand that to achieve your goals you must see the connections to the past.

Measurements 18″w, 18″h, 4″d. It can hold an 18″ diameter drum.

Be The Force Drum Sac $65

Wanderlust is full of the energy of adventure and seeing the world around you. You are at home in nature. People know you provide support and guidance, making you a protector through and through. While you love adventure you also understand that deep friendships are important and needed. 

Measurements 16″w, 18″h, 4″d. It can hold a 16″ diameter drum. 

Wanderlust Drum Sac $65


You hear the beat in your heart and you feel the Earths energy in your soul. Tribal Earth has a welcoming presence. The owner of this sac understands there is an ebb and flow to this Earth life, they gather others to hear their own drum beat. They hold space for transformation.

Measurments 18″w, 18″h, 4″d. It will hold an 18″ diameter drum.

Tribal Earth Drum Sac $65