Drum SaCs

Fundraiser for 100 Humanitarians

You may have heard, I’m making drum SaCs (stands for service and charity) for a 100 humanitarians fundraiser. They will hold drums that are 16x 4″ and 18×4″.

These are great SaCs for more than just drums!
They are great for a book bag, over night sac, or a day at the lake (thinking ahead to summer).

There are 2 sizes 16 inch and 18 inch

Each Drum SaC is unique. These SaCs are handmade, hand cut, handcrafted and ONE OF A KIND. No two are alike. Just like us. Which SaC calls to you?”

I love using my intuition to know who will be the owner of the bags I create!

These bags range from $60- 150 depending on materials, intricacy of details or custom design.

Open top Drum SaC


Order now. Shipping included!


Drum SaCs with a fold over flap

Drum SaCs with a fold over flap, all hand cut, handmade and handmade unique touches.


Shipping included.


If you would like a specific custom design please email me at marissasthread@gmail.com