What is a Kit of the Month?

Do you like doing creative things with your kids or your friends? Are you looking for a fun way to teach your kids or yourself a new skill? The kit of the Month is a great place to start. Geared toward those with a beginning or moderate understanding of sewing skills this is a great way to improve your skill!

I get asked to teach sewing lessons or “how to make (fill in the blank) craft/sewing item?” fairly often. I love teaching people how to do those things, but let me tell you, I hate the hassel it is to lug your sewing machine and supplies somewhere. I still want to teach, and interact but I don’t want to move my heavy machine here and there all the time or have my students do that. It takes up so much class time! 

The Kit of the Month was born out of these two things. Each month a new kit will be available, with limited numbers. When they’re gone, they’re gone! So don’t wait. Each kit will include a project with instructions to follow. These instructions are found in the member portal. They include videos for each step in how to make that months project as well as any possible pdf downloads of the instructions and there is a question section where you can ask for help or any other need. 

 Each month you can purchase a kit or skip the ones your not interested in and just pick the ones you like. It’s totally up to you. 

Kit of the Month
Oct Kit

October Kit of the Month

I know you’ve seen those cute festive tea towels around, now is your chance to make one! This kit provides everything you need except thread and a sewing machine.  (We figured you alread had that!)

What comes in it you ask?

*All the fabric and trim for one tea towel. White or Orange you pick.

*Access to the online instruction Portal- videos and a downloadable pdf of the instructions, as well as a place to ask questions

We have a very limited number of kits available, once they’re gone your out of luck!

Oct. Kit