Girls and Women’s Underwear Pattern

I’ve been sewing and designing my own patterns for what seems like my whole life. I remember as a girl designing and making dresses for my dolls, making blankets and sewing clothes for me (with my mothers help). I also have always wanted to help people, in particular women and girls. In September of 2017 I was asked by Heidi Totten the founder of 100 Humanitarians to create an underwear pattern that could be sent to Kenya Africa and used there in a Days for Girls enterprise run by a beautiful lady named Christine.

Christine has her own story to tell. Her Goal is to get underwear and days for girls kits to every girl in Kenya so they can walk with confidence everyday and not have to rely on a man (and many times give sexual favors) to get women’s sanitary napkins and supplies for their basic needs.

This pattern was created as a way for those of us who can help to give a hand up to those that need help. For every pattern purchased, a pattern will be donated to someone like Christine somewhere in the world.

So far the ripples and miracles this underwear pattern is creating have been amazing! 100 humanitarians is working with a girls rescue center with a goal to not only teach these girls a vital skill of sewing their own underwear, but to help supply each girl that comes there with nothing, be provided with underwear.

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This pattern works best with fabric that stretches, with a 3-5% spandex content or T-shirt material.



Love you guys so much. Thank you for everything, you are not giving underwear, you are giving self respect, security, dignity to these young ladies.

Carmel from Haiti

CEO , Clermont Care Center

Underwear is the difference between being trapped in a life you can’t choose and FREEDOM. These are RAPE protection!

Christine Khamasi

Lead Director , Zariel Days for Girls Kenya